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Filtex STOP-DROPTM Safety carpet

Stops faling objects

NEW: Anti statical version and handy bag!

The Filtex STOP-DROPTM safety Carpet is a unique self adhesive carpet to be used on walking grids and platforms. This mat stops small objects from falling through the holes in walking grids. Water oil and air can still pass easily.

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  • Non slippery, flame retarding material

    Class M2
  • Air transparant

    In case of higher wind velocities, the carpet can be secured by tie-wraps.
  • Border with strong magnetics.

    So the carpet sticks to steel gratings.
  • Antistatisch

  • Download datasheet.

Custom made dimensions

The Stop-Drop carpet can be 100% custom made, but standard dimensions are 1x1 meter and 1x2 meter.

Possibility to secure pipe passages.

We make Safety carpets to secure pipe passages of all dimensions, which have a square ground surface and raise up to a round adjustable top.

Air and liquid transparant

The carpets are made of wire mesh material. This lets oil spills and rain pass trough the structure.

Anti static glass fibre mesh

The PVC coated polyester mesh has a conductivity of 2.10 E06 2-side Ohm.

Practical side of the carpet

The Stop-Drop carpet is light, easy to cary, fix, remove and even reuse after finishing the job. The carpet can be used in a horizontal and vertical way.


The PVC coating makes the carpet very flexible but also durable.